More children via Mexico to USA, border issue is under magnifying glass

In the first full month of Joe Biden‘s presidency, the border police encountered a large number of migrant children without parents near the Mexican-American border. This increase is explained quite differently by Republicans and Democrats – as usual on this politically sensitive issue.

Conservative Fox News writes that there is a crisis that has gone out of control on the southern border. The Texas Senator Ted Cruz led a Republican delegation through the border area at night.

โ€œ We heard and saw people smugglers on the other side of the river,โ€ he said Friday in a video on Twitter. โ€œThey shine with flashlights and challenge the border police, because they know they have free reign under Biden’s policy.โ€

At his first press conference as president, Biden received questions on Thursday evening about the situation at the border. He said that in the winter months there is always an increase in the number of migrants at the border. The weather conditions would be a lot more favourable for them than in the hot summer months.

Pids in error

Furthermore, Biden said that under his presidency there were 28 percent more children than under Trump. But according to the press agency AP, the Democrat went wrong.

Figures from the border police show that this is a 61% increase in the group of children without parents. In addition, the month of February is set against January. The overall increase in the number of migrants during this period was as much as 28 percent, the percentage that Biden mentioned.

‘Inhumane policy’

The increase in children comes after Biden changed the policy of predecessor Trump at an important point, explains correspondent Lucas Waagmeester. โ€œHe decided in the first days of his presidency that children who travel only to the US will not be sent back anyway. They may remain in the US pending an asylum application.โ€

โ€œ When asked whether this has had a suction effect, says Biden; so be it. He called the previous policy inhumane and ended it is more important to him.โ€ The 78-year-old Democrat has made it a spearhead to ease Trump‘s zero tolerance policy on migration.

Some migrants think they have a better chance now, but a large part of them are still being sent back:

However, the border remains closed to many migrants. For example, a law previously criticized by Democrats is also used under Biden to send migrants away from the border. This is the so-called Title 42, which was set up because of the coronapandemic. This allows the customs and border police to expend migrants without proper papers.

This measure is intended on paper to prevent the spread of the virus. But activists argue that the previous government mainly used it to tackle migration. CNN writes that 61,000 of the 103,000 migrants found were returned under Biden in three weeks on the basis of this health law.

Photos of reception centre

Earlier this week, photos of a crowded shelter for migrants in Texas were published. The images show that they, including minors, have to sleep on a thin film on the floor and be separated with plastic cloths.

Biden gets the reproach that the reception centres along the border are now crowded. But according to the Democrats, that infrastructure under Trump has been demolished and it takes time to rebuild it. โ€œThe Democrats’ message this week is: we are in the process of repairing the damage that Trump has done,โ€ explains Decceit correspondent.

At present, a total of around 5000 children without parents would be in migrant detention centres. This week, the government appealed to the Pentagon to provide two military bases in Texas for shelter. Critics, writes Fox News, accuse the Biden administration of having fuelled this crisis with its policy.

โ€œVice President Harris in the line of fire.โ€

The Democratic Government points out that it wants to tackle migration at its source: in countries where the migrants come from. Biden announced this week that Vice President Kamala Harris will cooperate with countries in Central America to this end.

โ€œ By giving Harris this job, Biden wants to show that he thinks the approach to migration is important,โ€ says Waagmeester. โ€œAnd he takes the focus on migration away from himself; he wants to focus on his economic recovery plan. But there is also a risk, because he is now putting Harris in the line of fire on the politically highly flammable subject of migration.โ€