‘More Dutch clubs with interest, choice AZ not so difficult’

Interesting weeks are coming for Machkel Lahdo. For the Swedish striker of AZ, it is already quite busy in his first week of training. However, Lahdo is top fit and can go full throttle right away.
AZ took over Lahdo from Swedens Hammarby IF for 600,000 euros. โ€œThe Premier League is known as a good competition for young players who want to develop themselves. We also know that in Sweden. There were more Dutch clubs with interest, but choosing AZ was not difficult for me. I want to take a step in my development every day and I can do that here,โ€ Lahdo tells Voetbal International.
โ€œThe AZ training is a lot more intense than I was used to,โ€ says Lahdo. โ€œEven though I
m top fit because the season in Sweden had been going on for a while, I noticed the difference right away. Thats only a good thing. Its not just physically, but also mentally challenging.โ€
โ€œAZ has a specific way of playing and that means you also have to be mentally sharp during the training sessions. Im going to do everything I can to master the working method as quickly as possible.โ€