More evacuations after volcanic eruption La Palma

Emergency services on La Palma, the Canary island where a volcano has erupted, have evacuated more residents of the village of El Paso. A total of 6,000 out of more than 80,000 islanders have had to leave their homes so far. Dozens of Dutch tourists left the island yesterday.

People from Tacande Alto were evacuated late last night and early this morning, as a new lava flow had emerged, Mayor Rodriguez told station TVE. A new earthquake last night with a force of 3.8 created a crack in the volcano, from which the lava runs.

More than 150 houses have been destroyed on the island so far. There are no deaths or injuries.

The lava flow reached the first houses yesterday:

The authorities on La Palma are awaiting the time the lava reaches the sea. When that happens, toxic gases can be released. That is why an area of two nautical miles is closed in the sea as a precaution.

The lava would actually reach the sea at 9pm Dutch time last night, but the current creeps more slowly across the island than expected. Authorities believe the lava will not flow into the sea until tomorrow.

On Sunday, Cumbre Viejo volcano erupted for the first time in fifty years. There was a series of earthquakes prior to that.