More Japanese games on Xbox โ€” the company works on it every day

Phil Spencer said that the Xbox team is working โ€œevery dayโ€ to expand the range of Japanese games available on the platform. At Tokyo Game Show 2021 Spencer said that the company tries to support its Japanese partners and wants to help โ€œspread Japanese games around the world. โ€ the fastest growing market in the world.

According to Spencer, more than 100 Japanese games have been added to Game Pass, and the ID @Xbox program has helped release 200 indie projects.

The company is now actively working to resolve console supply issues in Japan and launch a streaming service. Recall that Spencer previously denied rumors that Xbox wants to buy Japanese developer studios.

Although the company had already obtained Tango Gameworks by striking a deal with Bethesda. Now the creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo are working on a new game.

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