More liberties for vaccinees, ‘two class society threatens in Germany’


vaccinated against corona and people who have been cured of the virus can count on more freedoms in Germany: โ€œWe are preparing a new regulation early next weekโ€, said Merkel‘s Secretary of State on Friday. Critics, however, speak of an imminent ‘two class society‘.

Specifically, it concerns visiting shops and the possibility of recreation and travel. Even now, Germans have to show a quick test or PCR test, but for pricked and healed persons that duty will soon fall away. Like the controversial curfew, which was introduced last week in areas with too high contamination. Plus, for example, the duty to quarantine after contact with an infected person.

Basic rights

The left-wing Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht advocates the return of basic rights for pricked persons. Her department, together with the political groups and the Lรคnder, is preparing for a long year of lockdown to finally return normal life for some 80 million Germans: โ€œRestrictions are no longer justified for themโ€, says a spokesman.

In Berlin, the Federal Government admitted that it was an ‘important, sensitive and complex theme‘. , โ€œWe are still in an intermediate stageโ€, described a government official. , โ€œAlthough millions of people have already been pricked, many more citizens have not yet been pricked.โ€ Merkel’s cabinet knows that people crave their normal lives and receive people unlimited. , โ€œThese are basic rights, and the problem is that we should not discriminate against people.โ€

That is why the new regulation states that people are regaining their rights, and that they are not about privileges.

However, the distance rules and the duty to wear mouthcaps remain. Furthermore, there is a threat of great fragmentation. Lรคnder such as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania want to allow pricked or healed persons to go to hardware stores and hairdressers, which is not yet allowed elsewhere.