More money for farmer who quit earlier due to nitrogen

Farmers who voluntarily quit their livestock farms get more money from the government the sooner they quit. With this measure, the cabinet wants to solve the nitrogen problem faster.

Minister Van der Wal for Nature and Nitrogen announced earlier that she cannot rule out forced buyout of farmers. With this measure, she wants to make it more attractive for farmers to quit quickly themselves, instead of waiting to see if they get a higher price for their business in the future.

In addition, the minister will look more closely at permits that have already been issued. Farmers are allowed to fully use the nitrogen space they have received with a permit. If they dont use that space completely for a long time, the government will take that nitrogen space back.


This concerns, for example, farmers who have a license for a hundred cows but only eighty in the stable. If part of the stable is empty for a long time, the unused nitrogen space goes to the government. This prevents the farmer from reselling that nitrogen space, for example.

On Friday, Van der Wal is expected to announce more details about nitrogen policy and about the areas that are eligible for nature restoration.