More than 150 deaths from rain and mud after hurricane Southeast Asia

In eastern Indonesia and East Timor, more than 150 people were killed by mudslides and heavy rainfall caused by Hurricane Seroja.

Most of the people were killed on the island of Adonara. 67 bodies have been recovered and an unknown number of people are still missing. Because of the heavy rainfall, mud flows from the mountains since Sunday. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed as a result. A lot of people were raided by the mud streams in their sleep.

On the island of Lembata, large pieces of solidified lava were released from the top of a volcano. The debris fell on a number of villages. At least 28 people were killed.

The death toll in Indonesia is now 126, and the victims are on several islands. In neighbouring East Timor, 27 people were killed.

Emergency aid

Help gets going with difficulty. The severely affected province of East Nusa Tenggara consists of hundreds of islands that are sometimes only accessible by sea, but that journey is complicated by high waves. On land, bridges and roads are often destroyed and electricity no longer works.

Hurricane Seroja is expected to continue to cause nuisance in Southeast Asia until Friday. This weekend, the hurricane is heading west of Australia.