More than 200 severely neglected guinea pigs confiscated: ‘Who does such a thing now? ‘

In the backyard of a home in Herselt, the Flemish animal welfare inspection service found horrific scenes last Wednesday. There were 245 neglected guinea pigs in several wooden boxes, which reports bird and animal shelter Heusden-Zolder on Facebook.

No food could be detected in any wooden container and drinking water containers were not provided. The guinea pigs also had no fresh sawdust and were in their own excrement. โ€œMany of these guinea pigs were mutilated; they showed major bite wounds on the back, eyes scratched out and inbreeding in the umpteenth generation had caused many flaws,โ€ said the animal shelter.

Baby boom

When moving the animals, inspectors found that all female guinea pigs were pregnant to highly pregnant. Normally the sexes are kept separately during the daycare, but the owners have not done so, which is why a baby tree of guinea pigs is expected. Noteworthy: the inspectors found only a dozen boys in the lofts. โ€œWhat happened to the rest of the newborn boy? Were they trapped into manure just after birth in the creepy cages?โ€ , they wonder. The newborn guinea pigs that were seized do well.

People react shocked on Facebook. โ€œHorrible, who does something like that now? And are those people going to be punished?โ€ , it sounds in the comments. Theres been a record of proceedings against the owners.