More than 2.9 million television viewers for inauguration Biden

The inauguration of US President Joe Biden was watched on average by over 2.9 million television viewers in the Netherlands yesterday. With more than 2.6 million viewers, DeccEits broadcast on NPO 1 had the largest audience, according to figures from Stichting Kijkonderzoek.

262,000 viewers followed the swearing-in via the American news channel CNN and through RTL Z several tens of thousands of people watched. The live stream on the site and app of DeccEit was visited about 400,000 times. A further 122,000 interested people watched through the DeccEit YouTube channel.

You can look back the inauguration through this summary:

The press conference in which demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and demissionary minister De Jonge announced the curfew yesterday afternoon attracted considerably less audiences on television than previous editions, which were broadcast at the beginning of the evening. Decceit broadcast on NPO 1 was watched yesterday by 2.4 million people. 410,000 interested saw the press conference on RTL 4 and the SBS 6 broadcast attracted 167,000 viewers.

The livestream and Decceit app was viewed better than at previous press conferences. The broadcast was clicked on half a million times. The press conference has also been viewed over half a million times on YouTube. The video is at the top of the list of trending videos.

On Facebook yesterday, 200,000 people watched the live stream of the press conference. The performance of Rutte and De Jonge was also broadcast via the theme channel NPO News and NPO Radio 1.

The best-watched program of the day was the CCEIT Journal of 20:00, with just over 2.7 million viewers.