More than 40,000 caregivers with corona

Since the beginning of the outbreak in the Netherlands, the coronavirus has been detected in 40,896 people who work in healthcare, reports the Rijksinstituut voor Healthcare and Environment (RIVM). Last week, the counter was at 34,376. This means that the number of infections among healthcare workers has increased by 6520.

It is not just about people who work in hospitals, but also about, for example, home carers and nurses. It‘s not known where they got infected.

A week earlier, the number of health care workers tested increased by 5087, from 29,289 to 34,376.

Over the past eight months, 602 caregivers were hospitalized, an increase of 14 compared to last week. The number of deceased caregivers remained at 14. The youngest of them was 35 years old, the oldest 69.

Sickly more absenteeism

In the third quarter of this year, healthcare agencies reported 9 percent more absenteeism than in the same period in 2019. of absenteeism Vernet, which collected data from more than 350 healthcare institutions.

In July, August and September, an average of 60,000 workers in health care were not employable per day. That amounts to 6.6 percent of the total number of healthcare workers, excluding the academic hospitals. Vernet collected data from 500,000 of them. In the second quarter, April to June, a sick leave of 6.51 percent was reported. The figures do not include employees who were in home quarantine or were waiting for a test result.

The highest rates of absenteeism were measured among nursing staff, caregivers and in home care.

Vernet’s research covers about 80 percent of employees in Dutch hospitals, excluding academic hospitals. From disability care and mental health care, some 70% to 75% of workers are included in the research and around 55% from nursing home and home care.

Hospitals fuller and fuller

The number of coronapatics in Dutch hospitals has increased by 109 in a day. The total number of patients with Covid-19 is now 2358, of whom 529 are in such a bad condition that they are in intensive care. That‘s an increase of 23 compared to Monday. People with Covid-19 make up the majority of all patients who are currently on the IC’s.

Hospitals are expanding their joint intensive capacity to the 1350 beds. In emergencies, the number may increase further to 1700.