More than twenty deaths from riots in Ecuador prison

Riots in a prison in Ecuador have resulted in 24 deaths and 48 injured. According to authorities, rival gang members met with firearms, knives and explosives in the prison of the coastal town of Guayaquil.

Television footage showed prisoners shooting each other through prison windows.

Smoke had arisen in several places, and shots and explosions were heard:

It took the police and the military five hours to restore peace in prison. โ€œThe presence of the state and the law must be felt again here,โ€ the governor said at a prison press conference.

State of Emergency

There were more frequent outbursts of violence in Ecuador prisons this year. President Guillermo Lasso therefore announced a state of emergency for the Latin American countrys prison system in July.

The bloodiest day was in February, when riots broke out simultaneously in three prisons. 79 inmates were killed.