Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) launches new website dedicated to young people

On Monday, the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) launched a new DIB NEWS informative site with the ambition of becoming a reference medium for young people between the ages of 15 and 35.

Indeed, the website โ€œDIB Newsโ€ (Digital Information Broadcast) is intended primarily for an urban population seeking platforms to reveal their creativity and talent.

Based on the fact that the media is not inclusive in youth matters, โ€œDIB Newsโ€ seeks to remedy this by offering a media product that focuses on creativity and expression, by addressing topics and themes related to youth expectations, with simple and accessible language and a friendly tone.

Also, DIB News aims to highlight successful social and human experiences, encourage content creators and accompany movements of ideas, modern currents while prioritizing contemporary art, namely plastic arts, music, literature, photography, theatre, cinema, etc.

To carry out its mission, the information site DIB News offers videos, which comply with professional standards, which do not exceed three minutes. It will be interviews, documentaries, tutorials… which will be broadcast on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube…).

The entire content of DIB News is designed by a group of young journalists and technicians of the next generation who will aim to enrich all the platforms of this informative media with programmes relating to the problems, ambitions and aspirations of Moroccan youth.

The launch of the new DIB News site focuses on MAPs multimedia orientation, making it a key player in the national media landscape, thanks to the efforts undertaken in recent years as part of a clear and precise strategic vision to make MAP a 21st century agency.

By CCEiT (with MAP)