Morocco 4th in the world ranking in terms of climate performance

Morocco was ranked 4th in terms of global climate performance, according to the 2021 Climate Performance Index Report.

In this report released Monday by Germanwatch Non-Governmental Organizations, the International Climate Action Network and the German Institute New Climate Institute, Morocco arrives behind Sweden, Great Britain and Denmark, says Tuesday a statement from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment – Department of Energy, Mines and Environment the Environment.

The countries that were the subject of this assessment (57 countries plus the European Union), which together account for 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions, were classified on the basis of a grid of 14 indicators in the following four categories: renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and climate policy, adds the same source.

As the first in Africa and the Arab world, Morocco owes this position to its determined contribution at the national level (NDC), considered among the most ambitious at the international level thanks to its alignment with the trajectory of global warming of less than 2ยฐC, in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the efforts made in the as part of its energy strategy for the development of renewable and clean energy, explains the press release.

Morocco has also received a high rating for its international climate policy, stresses the same source, noting that the Kingdom‘s strong commitment to the Paris Agreement, its active participation in global climate alliances as well as the ambitious regional initiatives it launched under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, provide a leadership role in energy and sustainability on the African continent.

Furthermore, Morocco has honoured all these commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in terms of reporting, in particular by submitting already three National Communications and two biannual updated reports on efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, notes the ministry, recalling In addition to the fact that the Climate Performance Index is an independent monitoring tool to monitor countries’ performance in terms of climate protection.

This index aims to strengthen the transparency of international climate change policy and compares climate protection efforts with the progress made by each country, stresses the press release, noting that the 2021 Climate Performance Index report highlights the decline in climate change. emissions in more than half of the countries analysed and notes that fossil fuel-producing and energy-intensive countries remain the lowest performing.