Morocco: construction of Midelt wind farm completed

The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) announced on Wednesday the completion of the construction work of the Midelt wind farm with a capacity of 210 MW, with an overall cost of about 2.5 billion dirhams and which required a period of work of 24 months.

A statement from the ONEE indicates that the Director General of the NEEA, Abderrahim El Hafidi, was able to see, visu, during a visit to the Midelt wind farm site with the Governor of Midelt and the ONEE project team to inquire about the overall state of the completion work and testing of commercial commissioning of this major project, that thanks to to the efforts of all project stakeholders, the construction of this wind farm could be completed and the rate of assembly of the wind turbines and their commissioning was maintained despite the health context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Midelt Wind Park site is located approximately 8 km as the crow flies north-east of the city of Midelt on an area of approximately 2300 hectares, it is noted, adding that this major project, part of the NEB‘s electricity generation equipment program, is part of the implementation of the Royal Vision to ensure securing the Kingdom’s energy supply, in particular that based on renewable energy.

This Midelt Wind Farm -210 MW- is part of the 850 MW Integrated Wind Farm which is composed of several wind farms located between the southern and northern regions of the Kingdom with significant wind potential, Boujdour (300 MW), Tiskrad (Tarfaya โ€” 100 MW), Midelt (210 MW) and Jbel Lahdid (Essaouira -270 MW)), communicated the communiquรฉ.

The wind farms of the Programme are developed within the framework of private electricity generation (IPP) and public-private partnership (PPP), underlines the ONEE, recalling that the 850 MW Integrated Wind Programme benefits from global concessional financing of 455 million Euros and 31 million dollars.

In 2020, the various construction activities of this park continued in particular for internal connections, transport, assembly and assembly of wind turbines, commissioning tests and receiving works, in order to ensure the completion of commercial operations of all wind turbines and wind farm as a whole before the end of 2020, concludes the press release.