Morocco insists in AU on respect for international legality, good neighbourliness and fight against separatism in Africa

Morocco insisted on Thursday in Addis Ababa on respect for international legality, good neighbourliness, non-interference, the fight against separatism and the interdependence between peace, security and development for lasting peace in Africa.

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UN/ECE, speaking at the meeting of the AU Committee of Permanent Representatives, preparatory to the 14th Extraordinary Summit of the Union on the theme Silencing Arms, to be held on 6 December by videoconference, declined Moroccos vision of an African continent prosperous, where the African citizen must have all the assets of peace and stability necessary for their economic and social development.

The Kingdom, with its constant vision of putting the noble causes of Africa and the vital interests of the African citizen at the centre of the pan-African agenda, remains determined, since its return to the AU, to put an end to the manoeuvres that this institution has suffered for decades. In that regard, his delegation had placed particular emphasis on the interdependence between peace, security and development as a sine qua non prerequisite for the sustainability of the security of the African continent.

The Moroccan diplomat stressed at this session, which was held by videoconference that respect for international and African legality should be an imperative to enshrine the ambitions of African countries to build a strong Pan-African Organization that focuses on the priorities of the African citizen, in terms of stability, economic, social and technological development and countering threats common to the African continent, such as terrorism, trafficking in human beings, migration and the effects of climate change.

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom reiterated that the AUs priority in silencing arms is to stop the support of separatist movements and militarization of militias in Africa, adding that the unmerciless struggle against separatist militias and armed groups that threaten the stability of African countries must be the key to vault of a stable and economically integrated Africa.

Mr. Arrouchi also added, in this regard, that the principles of good-neighbourliness and non-interference, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and in the AU Constitution, must be scrupulously respected, including by refraining from using the national territory as a backbase for armed separatist militias to carry out actions against integrity territorial boundaries of neighbouring countries.

In a statement to the MAP, Mr Arrouchi stressed that the active and constructive participation of the Moroccan delegation in the COREP and the determination to uphold the decisions of the Conference of Heads of State and Government, the supreme body of the AU, have always foiled the malintentioned political maneuvers and targets of those who have not no added value to the joint African action and which merely provoke controversy to impede the proper functioning of the Institution.

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UN/ECE recalled a passage from the Speech of His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March, in which the Sovereign underlines that at the level of the African Union: Thanks to Moroccos return to its African family, the Organization has successfully closed the chapter of the incessant maneuvers of which she was the victim for years. Since then, the African Union has adopted a constructive approach based on full support for the efforts made, under an exclusive mandate by the United Nations, its Secretary-General and the Security Council.

By CCEiT (with MAP)