Mortal Kombat US charges fall immediately 73% in second week

According to the media, the fees of the new film adaptation Mortal Kombat in the United States collapsed at once by 73% in the second week. A similar fate befell the anime Demon Fighter – in this case the fall is 70%, but the project still managed to shift the film adaptation of the series of games from the first place Rental States. According to analysts, such a collapse emphasizes that the tapes were interesting to niche audience, which already managed to visit cinemas.

An additional outflow of interest in the case of Mortal Kombat may also be the release of the film on HBO Max. Deadline also notes that similar drops in fees are generally typical for many movie adaptations of games, excluding those that can appeal to a wide audience — like Sonic in the Cinema .

Now around the world Mortal Kombat earned almost 67 million dollars, Russia of this amount accounted for more than 842 million rubles (11. 6 million dollars).

Demon Fighter in the world run reached the sum of 450 million dollars in fees, being the highest-grossing anime in history – and the premiere has not yet taken place in all countries. In Russia, it is scheduled for May 20.

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