Mortar attack at Erbil airport: Dutch soldiers unharmed

Mortar grenades were slashed at Erbil airport in northern Iraq on Monday night. The approximately 120 Dutch soldiers who have been there for a few weeks are unharmed at the camp, reports Defense. They did observe that there were impacts, but there were no consequences for the Dutch, says a spokesman.

The Dutch have been active for several weeks with the surveillance of the inner ring of the airport. The military of the army are therefore responsible for security within the airport, which is an important hub for the anti-IS coalition in northern Iraq.

During the attack, an American military officer was wounded, according to a spokesman of the international anti-IS coalition on Twitter. Furthermore, a civilian who worked for the troops was killed, and five other civilian workers were injured.

The Kurds guard the outer ring of the airport and American troops guard the middle ring.

According to the spokesman, there are more frequent attacks with mortars.

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