Most children trust advice from master or teacher

These are exciting days for children who go to high school next year. These weeks, many teachers and masters give advice on which school level best suits the child.

Final Test

We did a study of eighth grade children on school advice. This shows, among other things, that most children consider the advice of their master or teacher and more important than the final test. More than half even think that the final test should be abolished altogether.

Working Home

According to many children, working from home has not been good for school advice. Almost half of them think that this makes the master or teacher less likely to judge what he or she can do. One in five children thinks to get even lower advice by working at home.

What do you think about this? Respond to the statement:

Because of corona, a lot of consultation this year also go different. We were allowed to watch children from group 8 of OBS de Waaier from Zutphen. In the video above you can see how that went!