Most liaison professions allowed again from next week

Starting next Wednesday, all liaison professions will be able to get back to work, except sex workers. According to The Hague sources, the ministers most concerned reached an agreement on this.

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will announce the details tonight at a new press conference on the corona measures.

The Cabinet‘s press conference is on show live at DeccEit at 7:00 p.m.

On Sunday it was already clear that people will soon be allowed to go to the hairdresser again. Now it turns out that pedicures, cosmetologists, driving instructors and masseurs are also allowed to return to work. Among others, physiotherapists, dentists and veterinarians were already open.

Masseur Saskia in Dorsthorst can’t wait to receive her customers again:

For young people and young adults up to 27 years old, team sports are allowed again. It was already known that even in secondary and secondary vocational education a little more is possible: from next week, pupils will be able to go there at most one day a week. Furthermore, it is allowed to visit non-essential shops by appointment.

Curfew will remain in place until the morning of 15 March, which is the first day of the parliamentary elections. On 8 March it will be announced whether the measure will be extended; the Cabinet seems to want a separate ‘weighing time’ on whether or not the curfew will be maintained during the elections.

The advice to receive a maximum of one visitor per day at home remains the same. Gyms and the extracurricular shelter remain closed.