Most Mass Effect 3 creators didnt know how the game would end

Recently it became known that BioWare is not only working on a new Mass Effect, but is also preparing a reissue of all previous parts. And in honor of this, a number of materials dedicated to the series appeared on The Gamer portal. In particular, the surprise finale of Mass Effect 3.

Journalists spoke to those involved in the development of Mass Effect 3. And, in particular, screenwriter Jay Turner admitted that at that time he was already working in another studio and heard about the progress of development only from the second hands.

When I went through the game myself, I was quite satisfied with the ending, as I regarded Mass Effect 3 as the ending of the entire trilogy. But after I replayed at first and realized that my decisions really only changed the color of the explosions in the final video, I was very upset.

Jay Turner Sr. Gameplay Designer Mass Effect 3 Patrick Moran admitted he, too, was disappointed when he found out how the trilogy would end.

He mentioned that he sent an email in which he argued with the decision, but did not receive a response. The Mass Effect team was managed as a ship of the Navy, with strict subordination, areas of responsibility and team leaders who have waited years for their turn for promotion.

You followed orders and tried not to be too bothersome or brazen. But the Dragon Age team at that time more resembled a pirate ship.

Patrick Moransscreenwriter of the second and third parts of Mass Effect Chris Hepler, however, is confident in the opposite. None of the three options, he said, was the โ€œrightโ€ and moral solution to the problem.

And from this point of view, the original final is quite working. The extended version gave us a second chance to make an ending that much stronger would take into account the choice of players.

She was as good as we could make it, given the decisions we already made ourselves. After the release of Extended Cut I felt much better, like the rest of the team.

Chris HeplerAccording to Mass Effect 3 senior screenwriter Neil Pollner, most of the team didn‘t know how it would end Mass Effect 3 and the vision of the final has not been set to zarane. I will say this: when you give a player three huge chapters in which he can make difficult decisions, shape his version of the galaxy story and character, then no finale of such a large-scale and epic saga will feel right.

It is impossible to perfectly complete what has grown, accumulated and branched out for so long. When in the course of events you give people a serious choice, any ending without unfathomable number of variations will disappoint.

Neil PollnerMeanwhile Mass Effect 3 screenwriter Chris Hepler talked about his own versions of the ending. He found hints of the optimal solution in Nancy Kress’s novel โ€œProbability Moonโ€ and suggested that Gornilo could have used nuclear power as a weapon.

With it, create a powerful energy release that waswould be completely harmless to low-atomic weight objects such as organic flesh from carbon chains. This means that most species of the Citadel would have hardly been affected by the explosion.

But he would kill all the Reapers, Huskies and Captain Shepard – because in his body a lot of implants. Unfortunately, Hepler could not imagine his vision of the ending.

Three entries of the Code of the Hornile should have been written for him, but by the time he reached the final second, the design team had already taken up the triad โ€œDestruction โ€” Control โ€” Synthesisโ€. More on CCeit The LifeAfter Survivor will host an interserver event in honor of Shelter Land Ys IX: Monstrum Nox already came on PlayStation 4 Nioh 2 showed on Steam the best start for Koei Tecmo.