Most successful Dutch motorcycle driver Jan de Vries (77) died

Former motorcyclist Jan de Vries died in his hometown Purmerend at the age of 77. He is the most successful Dutch driver ever in a solo class on the road.

De Vries captured the world title in the 50 cc class in 1971 and 1973 on a Van Veen Kreidler. 27 times he stood on the stage of a grand prix and no less than fourteen times on the highest stage.

TT Axles

De Vries never won the TT Assen. During the 95th anniversary of the TT Assen on 28 June 2020, De Vries was allowed to take a round of honour on the circuit.

After his successes as a motorcycle driver, De Vries started working as a tuner for racing bikes. In this position, he was even a mechanic for the biggest competitor of his active career, the Spaniard Angel Nieto, who became world champion in the 50 cc class in the 1975 road racing season.

In the broadcast of Langs de Lijn, Decceit-motorsport commentator Hans van Loozenoord tells about De Vries. โ€œA modest quiet boy who barely spoke during his career. Later that changed.โ€