Mother does not want to budge from hospital bed daughter: handcuffed

An American mother was handcuffed from a hospital by enforcers. She didn‘t want to leave her daughter alone. However, the corona rules did not allow that.

The woman tells local media she’s not sorry cops felt compelled to take her out of the hospital. According to UF Health North in Jacksonville, Florida, Lynn Savage (70) did not adhere to visiting hours and the healthcare facility has adhered to the protocol. Daughter Amber was recovering from brain surgery at the time. โ€œI couldn‘t leave her bed with a clean conscience and a good heart, not knowing how she would get through the night,โ€ she tells news channel WKRC.

Savage had been with her daughter early in the morning. A doctor asked her to calm Amber down. โ€œAs soon as I stood by her bed, everything was fine.โ€ In the evening, a nurse told her she had to go home anyway. โ€œThe corona rules required me to leave.โ€


The security guards who came to pick up the woman โ€œwere very friendly. They kept trying to persuade me to leave.โ€ Eventually, the police had to come and Savage even ended up in jail for a day. โ€œIt was terrifying, but I’d rather be in jail than walked away from my daughter voluntarily.โ€