Mother frozen boy (11) Texas demands $100 million from power company

The mother of 11-year-old Cristian Pineda, who died last week in Texas from the effects of hypothermia, is demanding 100 million dollars, equivalent to 82 million euros, from two power companies. According to her, they‘re responsible for the death of her son.

Extremely cold winter weather in the US state of Texas caused about two million households to run out of electricity last week. That has now been resolved, but the problem now is drinking water. The power outages of the past five days have also turned off the water treatment plants.

Cristian’s household was also affected by the power outage. The boy came together with his mother and brothers and sisters from his native Honduras to the United States in 2019 to build a better life. BBC News reports that. The family was out of power for two days and was forced to crawl against each other for some warmth. When his mother wanted to wake up Cristian in the morning, he didn‘t react to anything. The woman resuscitated her son, but in vain. 11-year-old Cristian had died at the scene.

Poor communication

The woman holds two energy companies responsible for his death. According to her, the companies ignored calls to make the installations โ€œwinter readyโ€. โ€œERCOT and Entergy have not taken any preventive action that could have averted the crisis,โ€ said the indictment. Also, according to the family’s lawyer, the companies had extremely poor communication with their customers prior to the freezing cold.