Mother Gerard Joling home

Janny (90), the mother of Gerard Joling, has been home since Sunday after she ended up in the hospital, as can be seen on the singers Instagram Stories. On a visit to the E.R. Saturday, she turned out to have broken her sternum.

The management of Gerard tells RTL: โ€œJanny went home yesterday afternoon, they couldnt do anything for her there. Shes been given painkillers and remains under control. She has a lot of pain when she coughs or moves, but it needs to heal and then the pain has to go away.โ€

Gerard explained on Saturday that his mother had fallen the week before and was still suffering from pain. Thats why he decided to take her to the emergency room. โ€œAfter examination, it turns out that she broke her sternum, which gives a lot of pain. Hope shell fix up soon.โ€