‘Mother young cheerleader starts hate campaign with nude deepfakes’

An American mother has sent out explicit fake videos of young cheerleaders who competed with her daughter in the hope that they would be expelled from the team. Its about deepfakes. On the images the minors seemed naked, among other things.

Thats what the Bucks County District Attorneys Office reports.

The photos and videos seem lifelike, but theyre completely fake. The mother sent them to three underage girls in which they were asked to commit suicide, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

On the images that Raffaela Spone (50) produced himself, it seemed as if the girls were naked, drunk alcohol, or were fooling at a hookah.


Last summer, a victim came forward with the footage, which was also sent to coaches. After that, the police came across two other victims. Among other things, they were sent images of themselves in bikini from an anonymous sender.

Research showed that its deepfakes. These are mixed images of, for example, the body of a person, with the head of another, in which facial features and movements are perfectly synchronized.


The Victory Vipers cheerleader team in Chalfont says that it sympathizes with the victims, tries to create a family atmosphere, and adheres to strict rules. Remarkably, it is also stated that all athletes involved are no longer part of our training programme.

Spone is suspected of digital abuse of minors.