Motorcycle driver Jan de Vries (77) died

Former motorcycle driver Jan de Vries died last Thursday at the age of 77. De Vries was a 14-time Grand Prix winner. He was twice World Champion in the 50cc.

De Vries is the most successful Dutch driver ever in a solo road race class. He won the world title in the 50cc class in 1971 and 1973 on a Van Veen Kreidler. He won fourteen Grands Prixs, but never succeeded in the TT. Three times he finished third in Assen.

De Vries was born on 5 January 1944 in the Frisian Saint Jacobi Parish. He made his debut in 1968 in the TT and took his first victory at the Monza circuit in 1970. After conquering the world title in 1971, De Vries finished in 1972 in points equal to the Spaniard รngel Nieto. Based on the times of the season, the title went to Nieto. A year later, De Vries conquered the world title with five victories.

During the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the TT Assen on 28 June 2020, De Vries also rode an honour round on the circuit together with another Dutch motorsport legend, Wil Hartog.