Motorist accidentally drove into bystanders Pride parade in US

The incident in which the driver of a pickup truck drove on bystanders on Saturday at the start of a Pride parade near Fort Lauderdale, in South Florida, was a โ€œtragic accidentโ€. That‘s what the authorities reported on Sunday (local time). In the accident, one person died and another was seriously injured.

At first it was unclear whether it was an accident or whether the motorist deliberately tried to hit people. The driver arrested shortly after the incident spoke of an accident. He would have been a parade participant and a gay choir member. The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Democrat Dean Trantalis, called for an attack on his party mate Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is a Congress member.

โ€œToday we know that Saturday’s incident was a tragic accident, not a criminal act against a person or group of people,โ€ said Wilton Manors police. Fort Lauderdale police informed that the 77-year-old driver participated in the celebrations and was allowed to drive in front of the procession because of medical problems he had trouble walking.