Motorist drives in on US Christmas tour, five dead and more than forty wounded

In the American town of Waukesha, a suburb of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, a motorist entered a Christmas tour. According to the police, five deaths and more than forty were injured.

โ€œThese numbers may still change, because we are still collecting information. Many people have gone to a hospital themselves,โ€ said a spokesperson.

A bystander filmed the moment when the car arrives at high speed:

A red SUV drilled through a deposit just before 5 pm local time, after which he drove into the parade from behind. A witness tells US media that the car hit a dance group of girls between the ages of nine and fifteen years old, among other things.

A cop shot at the vehicle. It is not known if anyone has been hit. A suspect was arrested, but the police said nothing about his identity and any motive.

A source close to the investigation has told CBS News that there seems to be no question of terrorism.

The suspect is said to have been on the run because he was involved in a violent incident, possibly a stabbing.

A call for the residents of the town to stay inside has been withdrawn.