Motorist found unconscious on highway, police looking for Frenchman

A 48 year old motorist from Nieuwegein was severely assaulted in a traffic fight on Sunday evening. The man was found unconscious next to his car on the A16 motorway, reports the police.

The assault took place on the hard shoulder near the Breda and Rijsbergen junction, writes Omroep Brabant. The victim claims to have driven on the left lane on the A58 just before, when a car with a French license plate behind him blinked his headlights several times.

The man from Nieuwegein is said to have fled to the right lane. At that moment the driver felt that the French vehicle hit his left rear wheel.

The motorist from Nieuwegein then drove towards the Galder junction and turned right in the direction of Rotterdam. There he noticed that the grey car was still following him. He decided to stop at the emergency lane and saw that the French car was following his example.

Lost piece of the story

The victim no longer knows exactly what happened next. The last thing he remembers is that the driver of the French car scolded him in French and English.

The man from Nieuwegein was found by a witness unconscious and with a swollen face next to his car. Some teeth had been knocked out of his mouth and his mobile phone had also been stolen.

According to the police, the French motorist is still without a trace. The police are investigating the traffic quarrel.