Motorist rides in Tyrolean cow parade: six injured

In Austria, six people were injured when a motorist accidentally drove into an Almabtrieb, the annual retreat of cows from the mountain meadows. Among the injured are the 79-year-old motorist, his 82-year-old wife, some shepherds and a bystander.

It went wrong when the motorist lost control over the wheel yesterday afternoon in the village of Hippach. The car hit a few animals, bumped into accompanying cars and came to a standstill against a small wall.

Some victims were severely injured, such as a 39-year-old shepherd who was shoved by the car and a 17-year-old spectator impaled by a cow. Two shepherds who were slightly injured were able to safely bring all animals to their destination. None of the cows were injured.


Police seized the German couple‘s car. It is investigating whether a technical failure has been the cause of the accident. The vehicle’s brakes may have failed.

The Almabtrieb is a big annual event in many Austrian towns: at the end of summer, decorated cows are led back to the stable in the valley in a folkloric parade by lederhosen-stung shepherds back to the stable in the valley. This is often accompanied by local markets and folk music.