Mountain house despite loss of points praising: “That boy just has great qualities”

Steven Berghuis states that Feyenoord had difficulty with the defensive playing style of FC Groningen. The Rotterdammers created a number of good odds, but did not get any further than a 0-0 draw.

I don‘t think we played very badly, says Berghuis in front of ESPN’s camera. The first half we also got a lot of opportunities. In the second half one headball with Luis (Sinisterra, red.). In the second half you have them continuously on their own half. They defended by five. This was especially difficult to get through in the second half.
Sinisterra told Groningen. The Colombian was close to a hit twice, but hit the pole and the bar. Berghuis was lauded about Sinisterra. That boy simply has great qualities, says the Feyenoord captain. It is up to us as a group to bring him in one against one more often and faster. Then he can make a difference for us.