Mountain house full of praise for ‘good selection’ Feyenoord: ‘I give it very much to him’

Steven Berghuis is pleased with Feyenoord-spiers Lucas Pratto and Nicolai Jรถrgensen. After three training sessions, the Argentinean started immediately in the base against Sparta, while the Dane signed as a substitute for the 0-2 final stand.

โ€œI am very happy to Nicolaiโ€, Berghuis responds in front of ESPN‘s camera. โ€œNice for him, good for us as a team. If you can bring a striker with such qualities in the last twenty or thirty minutes, then you know you have a good selection.โ€
Berghuis can also be said about Pratto, who did not go further than a shot at the pole. โ€œHe looks good, he wants to help and shows how he wants to have the balls and how he likes to play. He was already very busy with players about this, in which you can see his experience. His running activities are also present, you know he’
s moving. He is very much lurking in the space behind the defense.โ€
Ajax – PSVFrom 16.45 pm the Feyenoord captain sits in front of the tube. โ€œI‘ll go watch Ajax – PSV, yes. I’m very curious. With a tie we get closer and closer, especially in this month, in which you meet all those top crews. That‘s why it was important. But that’s the match against PEC Zwolle (Wednesday, red.) too. Because if you lose it, you throw it away again.โ€