Mountain wine changed, Ziyech spectator: Chelsea wins dull topper from the dot

Chelsea won the Premier League topper against Tottenham Hotspur and also held the zero in his third match under Thomas Tuchel. The London rivals did not make a spectacle of it, and the city derby was decided by a penalty: a slipper by Eric Dier entered the winning 0-1 for Chelsea.

Tuchel opened his Chelsea time with a 0-0 against Wolverhampton Wanderers and a 0-2 victory over Burnley. In that match he left Hakim Ziyech outside the competition selection, this time the left leg stayed on the bench for 90 minutes. Steven Bergwijn started at the base at Tottenham, but had to give his place 20 minutes before time to Lucas Moura.
Chelsea had the game under control almost the entire first half long and was also helped by Dier. The Tottenham defender slipped after a sprint duel with Timo Werner, tried to get rid of the ball and hit his opponent: the ball went on the dot and Jorginho turned it 0-1.

After rest, not much happened, although Mason Mount seemed to decide the game definitely in favor of Chelsea: Hugo Lloris saved and made sure that Tottenham could hope for a point. That was almost possible in the final phase: Carlos Vinícius got the golden chance at the 1-1, but the striker headed next to it.
Chelsea won the very important battle for London. Both clubs were divided seventh at the start, but The Blues are now on the same level as number six Everton. Tottenham still has one game left.