Mountain wine has played, but we said: it wont go to Ajax

If Ajax would offer sixty million euros on Cody Gakpo, then Toon Gerbrands expects PSV to not agree with that. In the past, Eindhoven residents have already put a stop to a deal with Ajax a number of times.
There is a good chance that Gakpo will leave PSV next summer. In the Skiete Willy Podcast, departing director Gerbrands is asked what PSV would do, if rival Ajax offered sixty million on the Eintovenaar. โ€œIm sure we wouldnt do that,โ€ Gerbrands is clear.
โ€œI wont be talking about it soon, but if thats the market force then there will be other clubs. Can a club like Ajax compete with major Premier League clubs and Bayern Munich, who might also be interested in such a player?โ€ , Gerbrands wonders. โ€œAt some point, that stops. If we have free choice, no is also an answer. We also said no to a number of transfers.โ€
Which transfers did Gerbrands and co. manage to prevent? โ€œMountain wine played for a while, but we said: it doesnt go to Ajax. That involved a lot of money, but we just said no.โ€