Mourinho defends’ blundering ‘Spurs goalkeeper Lloris

Coach Josรฉ Mourinho of Tottenham Hotspur expressed his confidence in goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the run-up to the Europa League meeting with the Austrian Wolfsberger AC. โ€œWithout a doubt, he remains my number 1โ€, said the Portuguese about the Frenchman, who has been blundering a bit over the last few weeks. โ€œSuch a thing could happen to anyone.โ€

Mourinho drew a parallel to the Brazilian Alison of Liverpool. โ€œHe played well in the Champions League against Leipzig on Tuesday, but in the two duels before that he made decisive mistakes. But to me, Alison, like Lloris, is one of the five best goalkeepers in the world. They may have a lesser period of time, but in principle you can almost always count on them.โ€

Despite this, Lloris is probably sitting on the bench in Austria on Thursday. In the Europa League, Mourinho does not always set his best team and often chooses Joe Hart in the goal. He may, however, deviate from that approach, because the Europa League qualification for the Champions League is possible. โ€œIn England, we have to finish with the best four,โ€ says Mourinho. โ€œThats not easy. But that is not the route via Europe either. In both cases, it becomes difficult.โ€