Mourinho is critical again and sees’ lack ‘in Roma: ‘Even among base players’

Josรฉ Mourinho has once again made it clear that AS Roma‘s selection is lacking. The Portuguese sees โ€œa lack of personalityโ€ among a number of its permanent forces.
On Thursday, Roma ran into a defeat at AC Milan, after which Mourinho lashed out hard at his selection. Three days later it seemed to end well against Juventus for the Romans, but nothing turned out to be less true: Roma gave a 3-1 lead off their hands and lost 3-4. โ€œI already told the players: if the game ended in the seventieth minute, it would have been extraordinary,โ€ says Mourinho recording through Roma’
s club channels.
โ€œUnfortunately, it wasn‘t over at that time. After the seventieth minute, all our bad points came up. That also has to do with talent: we have players who can improve,โ€ an honest Mourinho continues. โ€œThe team just doesn’t have the power. Even among the basic players, there is a lack of personality, a lack of players who know how to deal with emotions and the match.โ€
Mourinho hopes he will have time to change that. โ€œI want to take the time I‘ve been given: three years.โ€ That’s what The Special One refers to the three-year contract he signed last summer. โ€œOf course, I need the help of the club, help that really changes something. But that comes at our own pace.โ€