Mourning for officer killed after attack at Capitol, police investigating motive

In the United States, the attack of a man at the Capitol killed a cop. President Biden says in a statement that he and his wife are deeply distressed, and he has ordered the White House to hang the flags half-pole.

Suspect drove his car last night on officers standing at a deposition near the Capitol in Washington. Then he ran with a knife to cops, who shot him on it. He died later in the hospital.

The officer who died, William Evans, was hit by the car. President Pelosi of the House of Representatives calls him ‘a martyr for our democracy’. A colleague of Evans‘ was also hit by a car and was seriously injured. He’s out of danger, reports the Capitol Police Department.

At a press conference, police said that the identity and motive of the attacker are still under investigation. However, the police report that there is no link to terrorism.

Instagram messages

Several American media reports that the suspect shot is 25-year-old Noah Green from the state of Virginia. According to CNN, he posted messages on social media over the past few weeks saying that the U.S. government wanted to control his mind.

In the hours before his attack, he posted several messages on Instagram, including a link to a video by Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the religious movement Nation of Islam. Last week Green wrote that Farrakhan saved him after the terrible situation I was in, supposedly caused by the CIA and the FBI, government agencies of the United States.

The reports would also show that he had lost his job and had medical problems.