Mouse plague ravages Australia, vermin even jumps to bed

The Australian state of New South Wales is plagued by a mouse plague. Millions of mice cause major damage to farms in that region. Rodents have already found their way to hospitals, schools and supermarkets.

It is even so bad that farmers in that region have to put the legs of their beds in buckets of water to prevent them from being bitten by the mice during sleep. โ€œThey even climb up through the curtains and then jump on the bed,โ€ says cereal farmer Xavier Martin to The Telegraph.

The plague began in New South Wales, but there are also hotspots in the states of Queensland and Victoria. The MouseAlert app allows farmers to register and monitor the activities of the mice.


The government has applied for an emergency permit to use a poison called bromadiolone. However, environmentalists have warned that this could be harmful to other animals, such as eagles, which eat mice.