Mouth masks off and no longer work from home provided 1.5 meters away as of June 26

Starting next Saturday, the face mask duty will disappear and the advice to work at home will expire as long as one and a half metres away can be kept. The Hague sources report that to DecceIT. This means, for example, that the face masks in public transport remain for the time being.

Demissionary Minister De Jonge said at the end of consultations on the corona situation among the most involved ministers that the face mask duty will be deleted next week.

One and a half meters

If a meter and a half can be observed, the masks can be finished at the end of next week. The Cabinet is awaiting another advice from the Outbreak Management Team on the need for protective equipment in supermarkets, for example. On Friday, the knot will be broken down, but it is expected that the obligation to wear a mask in supermarkets will be expired.

The distance rule also plays a decisive role in the deletion of the home work advice: people who work in an office, where you can keep one and a half metres away, can go back to work. Where you can‘t keep a distance, the motto remains: โ€œWork at home.โ€

Employers’ organization VNO-NCW does not expect all employees to return to work in the office. โ€œIt‘s more obvious that companies first let groups of employees come to the office. Where necessary, offices and businesses will need to make adjustments to work a meter and a half from each other,โ€ a spokesperson for VNO-NCW says.

Rules such as keeping distance and staying at home in case of complaints remain in force for the time being.

โ€œIt’s going very wellโ€

De Jonge said this afternoon that the cabinet is weighing all the measures again and looks at which can be deleted quickly. โ€œIt‘s just going very well; it’s going very fast with vaccination, we see that infection rates and hospital figures are dropping great. That allows us to take the next step Friday, and it will start a week later.โ€

He also said that a large part of the measures could be said goodbye, but part remains. It weighs the ‘epidemiological risk’, as well as the presumed situation in autumn.

Earlier this week it became clear that the government wants to get the Netherlands off the end faster than planned. Among other things, it looks like starting June 26, the maximum number of visitors will go home to eight and more guests will be allowed in restaurants. On Friday, the cabinet will make the most of the i and then demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge give another press conference.