Movie Games will help Platige Image make games

Not so long ago, we wrote about the fact that the famous Polish company Platige Image decided to move from bespoke work to its own creativity. The studio, known for its computer animation and special effects, wants to release games and film films. The aspiration of Platige Image has already been supported by Polish publishing house Movie Games.

The companies signed an agreement of intent in which they announced they were going to open a joint studio. She will create three high-budget adventure-gangster games in historical realities.

Let‘s remind that Movie Games after the success of Drug Dealer Simulator opened a subsidiary studio True Games, which is already working on the game Gangster Simulator. Financing the activities of the future studio side will be in half.

And she will be able not only to create games, but also their adaptation. At the same time, Movie Games will be responsible for raising funds and publishing projects, and Platige Image – for their plot and visual side.

It is easy to notice that there are no plans who translate everything developments in lines of code. But the preliminary agreement is concluded for six months, and during that time companies must analyze and work out all the details of the new cooperation.

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