Movie Search HD Leaders by Subscriber in 2021

GfK conducted a survey of online cinema ratings in Russia in the second quarter of 2021. The survey included 7,500 users from different cities between the ages of 16 and 55. The total number of people using the subscription (paid and trial) was taken into account.

It turned out that 38% of the respondents were subscribed to a service, 23% in the paid option. 16 streaming services took for example: ivi Film Search HD Okko Megogo Netflix Amediateka Google Play Movies & TV Apple TV+ Premier Wink more.

tv START tvzavr Beeline TV MTS TV/KION Megaphone TV. For the first time, the number of subscribers (and paying users) was โ€œMovie Search HDโ€ for the first time.

In the second quarter of 2021, the service was enjoyed by 11% of the audience, while 6. 5% was paid.

Ivi moved into second place โ€” it has 10% and 5. 5% respectively.

Okko is followed by c 6% and 3%. In addition, โ€œMovie Search HDโ€ and Wink showed the largest growth in paying subscribers compared to the start of the year.

The first service saw the percentage rise from 4. 8 and the second from 1.

6 to 3. 5.

Megogo only has a reverse, with the percentage dropping from 1. 4 to 1.

3. The level of knowledge and use of the service is ivi and the same โ€œMovie Searchโ€ at the first places.

The first is known by 74% of the audience (and 37% use), while 73% know about the latter (34% use). Although Movie Search bypassed the ivi figures in June.

Okko is third, 69% know about it, and Netflix only 54 per cent. But at the same time, it is the latter leading the recommendation โ€” Netflixs Consumer Loyalty Index is 44 points, while Movie Search has 31.

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