“Movie Search HD” to release completion of “Brooklyn 9-9 and “The Onion” in September

Movie Search HD introduced a schedule of premieres for September, noting major films and series that will soon appear on the service. The first to name a couple of Russian novelties, among them the thriller series Missing about a vanished daughter of a rich family and the second season of Project Anna Nikolaevna & quot; about an android woman in the police force. In addition, next episodes of Smesharikov will begin to be released from the 2nd number, where the new character of Alien Goosenia is included.

Foreign premieres include the final season of the comedy Brooklyn 9-9 and the third season of The Fateful Patrol, as well as the third season of American History crimes. In addition, Pixar’s new cartoon The Onion will also appear, and the service will feature this year’s Emmy ceremony.

Among the premiers: Ural Derby (documentary about ice hockey in the Urals) — September 1 Zema (season 3) — September 1 Tsarevny & nbsp; (new series) — September 1 Smeshariki (new series) — September 2 Luke — September 3 Three Cats (new series) — 4 September Lex and Plu: Space Taxi Drivers (new series) — September 4 Billions (season 5) — September 6 (by subscription with Amediateka) Impeachment: American Crime Story — September 8 (by subscription with Amediatec) American Family (11 seasons) — September 8 Missing (TV series) — 9 September Northern Waters (Season 1) — September 11 Parasites — September 12. Brooklyn 9-9 (season 8) — September 13 Scenes from Marital Life (Season 1) — September 13 (by subscription with Amediateka) Project Anna Nikolaevna (season 2) — September 16 First Cow — September 16 Prisoners of the Ghost Country — September 17 Lost symbol (season 1) — September 17 (by subscription with More TV) Bull — September 19 New Amsterdam (Season 4) — September 22 Ceremony& nbsp; Emmy — September 20 Fatal Patrol (season 3) — September 24 Great North (season 2) — September 27 Stripping & raquo; (Season 1) — Sept.

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