MP Omtzigt is in secret memo hard at his own CDA

CDA MP Omtzigt has made his party hard reproaches in a confidential document. It came out via daily newspaper De Limburger. The newspaper holds a 76-page memo written by Omtzigt for the Commission Speies, which investigates the internal election of candidates within the party.

The memo published by De Limburger shows that the CDA member of parliament has been scolded by party members and that he does not feel appreciated and unsafe. DeccEit has also been able to see the pieces.

Omtzigt has been at home for some time and will not come back for the next four months.

The MP writes in the document that he has been called โ€œpsychopath, sick man, teringdog, jerk, deranged and unstableโ€ in communication between CDA group members and members. In the piece, a screenshot of WhatsApp messages is shown with scheldkanonnades against Omtzigt. โ€œFocking Jerk with the Nazi Postersโ€, says among others.

Omtzigt writes about โ€œwhisper campaignsโ€ and that he finds it difficult to talk about his sense of insecurity. โ€œIn the situation where I feel unsafe, I do not recognize the underlying values and standards of the CDA sufficiently in my own internal actions.โ€

Omtzigt also points to three sponsors who have given 1 million euro campaign money. These sponsors, who are not mentioned by name, would have done so in order to exert influence. Omtzigt writes: โ€œAnd those sponsors and someone on the campaign team have an interest in trying to make changes to the CDA plans developed in Wopkes New Deal and the election program. I have trouble with that.โ€

Acting Chairman Van Rij denies that something could not be done. โ€œThe CDA has respected all the rules that the law prescribes regarding sponsorship.โ€

CDA undignified

The CDA says on Twitter that statements in the Omtzigt document are โ€œCDA unworthyโ€. Van Rij takes away from it โ€œwith forceโ€. The party stresses that the document has not yet been discussed by the committee and that it is excluded that the document has been distributed from the members of this committee.

The acting party chairman Van Rij does not want to say anything about the content of the memo:

Omtzigt was not reached by DeccEit for a response. De Limburger writes that he did not want to respond to the newspaper.

Passed as a list tracker

Last summers list election was difficult. CDA minister Hugo de Jonge won close by the famous MP Omtzigt and then there were doubts about the course of the digital election. De Jonge did not become a leader and the party pushed Minister Wopke Hoekstra forward.

In the memo Omtzigt writes that party chairman Ploum had promised him that he would become a leader if Hugo de Jonge โ€œfell awayโ€. He feels โ€œunfairlyโ€ passed as a leader, so it says.

It was also intended that Omtzigt would play a prominent role in the campaign for the Second Chamber, but in practice he was barely visible in public. Omtzigt now writes to the Speies Committee that he has been strongly opposed in the campaign. Omtzigt believes that he did not get enough room to participate in โ€œrelevant discussions and decision-making after I had been a member of parliament for 14 years in 2017.

Low spot

Party mates who openly supported him received โ€œannoying reactions or were ignored internallyโ€. A party member who wanted a place on the list of candidates for the parliamentary elections would have been given a low spot after he answered in the affirmative whether he supported Omtzigt.

The memo lists a long list of incidents. โ€œThe incidents that have occurred are not incidents but symptoms of much greater structural problems at the CDA,โ€ says Omtzigt.