MPs distuned by expulsion ambassadors

The House of Representatives responds to President Erdogan‘s announcement that ten ambassadors should leave Turkey. Under ten is also the Dutch ambassador. The ambassadors on Monday called on Turkey to release businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala.

The European Court of Human Rights already ordered his release, but he is still stuck. Among other things, he is suspected of being involved in protests against Erdogan.

Dictator Erdogan

According to VVD MP Brekelmans, โ€œdictator Erdogan once again shows his true faceโ€. On Twitter, the VVD’er calls the expulsion of ten ambassadors a ridiculous act and senseless escalation. He calls on the ten countries to continue to form a single front.

His D66 colleague Sjoerdsma thinks it is โ€œthe world upside downโ€ that Turkey expelled the Dutch ambassador because she acted in line with the Court‘s ruling.

According to PvdA-MP Piri, Erdogan is โ€œon a collision courseโ€. She too considers it right that the Dutch ambassador to Turkey has called on the country to execute judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. โ€œNow all 27 EU countries have to join this,โ€ she tweeted.

GroenLinks spokesman Van der Lee speaks of a bizarre decision by Erdogan. โ€œBreak down basic human rights and fair justice and then explode when ten ambassadors call you to that?โ€ , he wonders on Twitter.

Department has no confirmation yet

The State Department says it has taken note of Erdogan’s rulings.

But the ministry does not yet have official confirmation that Turkey will evict the Dutch ambassador, emphasizes a spokesperson: โ€œWe are awaiting communication from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this issueโ€.


Netherlands and the nine other countries discuss the situation with each other, says a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry.

‘All Member States must execute judgments’

Earlier this week when the Dutch ambassador was summoned, Foreign Affairs underlined that the Netherlands regularly raises concerns about the situation of human rights and the rule of law in Turkey in the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The ministry called the โ€œlong standing arrest of Kavalaโ€ one of those issues. The ministry then pointed out the โ€œclear ruling of the European Court of Human Rights on the basis of which Kavala should be releasedโ€. Foreign Affairs believes that all Member States of the Council of Europe should execute court judgments, including in this case.

The European Court of Human Rights is an institution of the Council of Europe. Turkey is also a member of that Council.