Much-discussed Derksen denies penetration with candle: “My wife knew this story”

In Wednesdays Today Inside broadcast, Johan Derksen responded to his rumored statements from one night earlier. The analyst came up with an anecdote from his younger years about his unconscious ex-girlfriend.
After those revelations, a lot of fuss arose, but Derksen did not want to crawl through the dust. The AD wrote: Derksen penetrates woman with candle. That
s all nonsense, he adds Wednesday night. We put that candle between her legs. So when we left, that thing was perpendicular to the sky. You cant put such a candle in a vagina. It was uncivilized, I was 24, I told you (presenter Wilfred Genee, ed.) beforehand: you are ashamed of it. According to Derksen, the woman in question did not blame him at the time. He woke up with a candle between her legs and she has undoubtedly thought: how did that thing get there? And that also went into the order of the day.
Derksen told his anecdote in response to a discussion about Johnny de Mol, who is accused of sexual abuse. In the context of what is happening now and how it is being responded to, I wanted to say how that went in the seventies. And I find it a bit cowardly — if I don
t have a clean past of my own — that I hang Johnny or anyone else on the tallest tree. Thats why I wanted to tell that story, he explains. I wanted to show: the time frame has changed so much. Now youre being stabbed by everything, and then we went to the order of the day, but I can very well understand that people who are canceling now and are in all kinds of movements have all been through things, but they dont know what Im talking about.
Derksen approaches once again that he is ashamed of the incident. The only conclusion I can draw about myself is: I was 24 years old, I had a piece up my ass and I misbehaved. And I told you, because I think of that every time someone who did something is stabbed again. Then I think: there are a lot of hypocritical people who speak shame of it and who, like me, have misbehaved at times, you know.
Derksens wife has also returned to it at home. My wife knew this story for a long time, I seem to have told it once at home. He said: you have to realize that you are not chatting with a few men in the cafe, but that the whole of the Netherlands is listening in. I already knew that, but I tried to avoid that. Because every program takes that into account, but we are the only program that does not take that into account.
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