Mühren: ‘I don’t think: what are you talking about? I don’t care about it. ‘

Robert Mühren acknowledges that he carries with him a stigma of Kitchen Champion Division striker. The striker of FC Volendam will be able to prove the contrary in the Eredivisie next season, although he is not awake for a moment from the opinions of outsiders.
Last season, Mühren scored on the conveyor belt at the second level. He does not care that there are doubts about his abilities in the Eredivisie. Well, I dont think, what are you all talking about? Because I really dont care about it, says Mühren opposite ESPN. Ill probably play for another two years. Im going to enjoy it and try hard. If it does work out, we are very happy. If it doesnt work out for whatever reason, dont.
Mühren, together with another native Volendam, enters the Eredivisie: trainer Wim Jonk recently extended his contract in the fishing village. Who would have thought that? , the striker reacts ironically. The backlog had been playing for some time that Jonk would stay at Volendam. I like that it stays, because its going in the right direction here. Together we are going to make sure that the level goes up one more step.

Robert Mühren being Robert Mühren 😂
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) June 29, 2022