Mühren: Steven thinks: let me show that Im a top player

Memphis Depay, Steven Bergwijn and Steven Berghuis impressed Arnold Mühren, who gives figures for De Cceit. The Dutch team gave a masterclass against Belgium on Friday and the three attackers made a big impression.
Berghuis left an excellent impression in Brussels, according to Mühren, he played formidable. We are talking about someone who is still going through a huge development. At Feyenoord he already made the difference on the right flank, but at the highest level at Ajax and Orange he shows that he can also fill in other positions great, says Mühren.
Memphis (8) Mühren is positive, but also critical about Memphis. Memphis scores twice, makes a difference and creates excellent opportunities for itself. At the same time, I sometimes see him losing balls, which I think: how is it possible? It is unpredictable at both good and bad times.
He does suggest abandoning Memphis, because its a little bit in his game. In the end, he can make the difference for your team almost every match with one or two actions. He sees the spaces and occasionally hopes that midfielders will play to him sooner. I think its nice for him to be fresh at the Orange after less playing time at Barcelona.
Mountain wine (8) Steven thinks: hell, Im not playing at Tottenham, but Ill show you that Im a top player, says Mühren about Bergwijn. Of course, his situation at Spurs also has to do with the presence of other guns, such as Harry Kane. For him, too, it seems an advantage that he is so eager and fresh right now, where others are devastated at the end of the season. Because the Belgians did not give the impression that they were going very hard and did not have a huge drive. Kevin De Bruyne had already said that these matches were no longer necessary for him. We have to take that into account in the total view of Orange. Nevertheless, Steven makes a nice couple with Depay.
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