Mulder about Tadic: ‘Lunch resisted, because he was still training for himself’

Youri Mulder served as an assistant trainer at FC Twente and worked there with Dusan Tadic. At that time, the Ziggo Sport analyst was impressed by the 32 years old Ajax captain, who, according to Mulder, is an exemplary professional.

Tadic came over from FC Groningen in 2012 and decorated a transfer to Southampton two years later. โ€œWhen you talk about the dressing room: its so important,โ€ Mulder reminds me in Rondo.
โ€œHe is the first to the club, he does almost too much,โ€ continues the then assistant of Steve McClaren and Michel Jansen. โ€œWe had to reschedule lunch โ€” and at some point we released it โ€” because he was still training for himself: either on the field or strength training.โ€
Tadic also took his fellow players in tow. โ€œHe also says it to the guys who don
t do it. Hell just take it with him. He takes it by the horns, and then he says, โ€œYou do too little.โ€