Müller keeps an eye on FC Groningen: ‘Glad to see that Arjen was allowed to invad’

Thomas Müller was happy when he saw Arjen Robben making his return for FC Groningen this weekend. The star of Bayern Munich joked that he would use the attacker as a joker against Paris Saint-Germain and was asked again at the press conference on Monday.
Robben posted a post on which he stated that he was proud and happy with his return to Groningen. Müller responded by asking if he did not want to go to Paris as a joker, to clean up the 3-2 backlog against Paris Saint-Germain. At the press conference prior to that competition he was asked about it again and the German immediately started laughing.
Ho, stop! , he said when a reporter started his comment against Robben. I just wanted to play a little bit. I was happy to see that he had fallen in and wanted to honor him for what he did for me. I also wanted to make it clear that he still needs to train for Champions League evenings! I dont think he has answered yet.
After months of rehabilitation, the Bedummer made his return at Groningen on Sunday afternoon in the 2-0 lost streekderby against sc Heerenveen.