Multiple deaths and wounded in mosque explosion in Kunduz Afghan city

An explosion in a mosque in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz killed at least 50 people on Friday and at least 140 others were injured.

That‘s what sources at Doctors without Borders report. The numbers are based on victims taken to a hospital and are almost certainly increasing. According to a spokesman for the Taliban regime, it was a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque during Friday prayer services. A special unit is conducting an investigation.

Afghan journalist Zaki Daryabi tweeted that reports say it was a suicide bombing. Footage, shared on social media, shows men and women running into the streets after the blast.

The attack hasn’t been claimed yet. The Afghan branch of Islamic State terror movement may be behind the attack in the province, where Dutch soldiers have also been active.

Several attacks have been committed in recent weeks, including one at a mosque in Kabul, some of which have been claimed by Islamic State.

The Taliban, like IS of Sunni cut, have carried out several operations against IS in the capital Kabul since they took over power in August. Roughly 20 percent of the Afghan population depends on the Shiite variant of Islam. Many of them belong to the Hazara, an ethnic group that has been in the tribulation for decades.